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last changeFri, 4 Sep 2009 03:27:04 +0000 (20:27 -0700)
2009-09-04 Ben PfaffFix missing @clicksequence problem with older Texinfo... master
2009-09-02 Jason StoverNew functions glm_custom_design and parse_interactions.
2009-09-01 John DarringtonRemove i18n related configuration items which are no...
2009-08-31 John DarringtonReplace "all-hook" with "all-local".
2009-08-31 John DarringtonAdd the all_q_sources to the dependencies of po/pspp.pot
2009-08-31 John DarringtonRewrite automake rules for internationalisation files.
2009-08-30 John DarringtonCorrect typo in printed string
2009-08-30 John DarringtonUpdate to most recent Gnulib
2009-08-30 John DarringtonFix make distcheck
2009-08-16 John DarringtonDon't override label for Save As menuitem
2009-08-03 Jason StoverCruft removal
2009-07-30 John DarringtonUse u8_cpy instead of memcpy.
2009-07-29 Jason StoverMerged changes from branch interaction-review
2009-07-28 John DarringtonRemove commented code
2009-07-28 John Darringtonremove unused return value
2009-07-28 John DarringtonAllow ranges with left to right and bottom to top sense...
10 years ago v0.7.9 GNU PSPP 0.7.9.
11 years ago v0.7.8
11 years ago v0.7.7
11 years ago v0.7.6
12 years ago v0.7.5
12 years ago v0.7.4
12 years ago sid-i386-build159 master 0.7.2-g1b4911
12 years ago fc11-x64-build89 master 0.7.2-g1b4911
12 years ago fc11-i386-build92 master 0.7.2-g1b4911
12 years ago lenny-x64-build107 master 0.7.2-g1b4911
12 years ago sid-i386-build158 master 0.7.2-ge18dc0
12 years ago fc11-i386-build91 master 0.7.2-ge18dc0
12 years ago fc11-x64-build88 master 0.7.2-ge18dc0
12 years ago lenny-x64-build106 master 0.7.2-ge18dc0
12 years ago sid-i386-build157 covariance 0.7.2-ge385ee
12 years ago fc11-i386-build90 covariance 0.7.2-ge385ee
13 years ago master