2009-09-04 Ben PfaffFix missing @clicksequence problem with older Texinfo... master
2009-09-02 Jason StoverNew functions glm_custom_design and parse_interactions.
2009-09-01 John DarringtonRemove i18n related configuration items which are no...
2009-08-31 John DarringtonReplace "all-hook" with "all-local".
2009-08-31 John DarringtonAdd the all_q_sources to the dependencies of po/pspp.pot
2009-08-31 John DarringtonRewrite automake rules for internationalisation files.
2009-08-30 John DarringtonCorrect typo in printed string
2009-08-30 John DarringtonUpdate to most recent Gnulib
2009-08-30 John DarringtonFix make distcheck
2009-08-16 John DarringtonDon't override label for Save As menuitem
2009-08-03 Jason StoverCruft removal
2009-07-30 John DarringtonUse u8_cpy instead of memcpy.
2009-07-29 Jason StoverMerged changes from branch interaction-review
2009-07-28 John DarringtonRemove commented code
2009-07-28 John Darringtonremove unused return value
2009-07-28 John DarringtonAllow ranges with left to right and bottom to top sense...
2009-07-28 John DarringtonReplace safe_strcmp with g_strcmp0.
2009-07-28 John DarringtonFix clipboard export of non-ascii strings.
2009-07-27 John DarringtonFix bug in casemapping long strings.
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemove the RESIZE feature of the sheet.
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRe-enable signal emmission on row/column selection
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemoved unused function
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemoved unnecessary variable and consequently unreachab...
2009-07-27 John DarringtonAvoid the need for an extra click when de-selecting...
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRe-enable selection of complete rows/columns
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemove unused function psppire_sheet_cell_get_state
2009-07-27 John DarringtonPrevent var sheet from traversing to an invalid cell
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRedraw affected areas after de-selecting a region
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRedraw selection when reducing its area.
2009-07-27 John DarringtonReplaced GTK_STATE_NORMAL with PSPPIRE_SHEET_NORMAL...
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemoved unnecessary variables
2009-07-27 John DarringtonMade selection a bit more reliable
2009-07-27 John DarringtonRemove unnecessary variable
2009-07-27 John DarringtonPartial fix of selection in the sheet.
2009-07-26 John DarringtonWhitespace changes for the benefit of xgettext.
2009-07-25 John DarringtonDisable extend_selection call.
2009-07-25 John DarringtonAdd "dictionary" property to PsppireVarStore and use it.
2009-07-24 John DarringtonChange signature of text_to_value.
2009-07-24 John Darringtonremove return values from callbacks which don't need...
2009-07-23 John DarringtonFix warnings in flip command.
2009-07-23 John DarringtonRemove reference to roc.h which doesn't exist.
2009-07-23 John DarringtonMerge commit 'origin/stable'
2009-07-23 John DarringtonFix merge problems
2009-07-23 John DarringtonMerge commit 'origin/roc'
2009-07-21 John DarringtonAdd perl functions to get the format of a variable
2009-07-20 John DarringtonRemove double semicolons.
2009-07-20 John DarringtonReplace caseproto_clone with caseproto_ref
2009-07-19 John DarringtonAdded more (hopefully usefull) comments
2009-07-19 John DarringtonAdd some comments and macros to make the code more...
2009-07-19 John DarringtonAdd assertion to check code consitency
2009-07-19 John DarringtonFix cleanup of ROC command.
2009-07-19 John DarringtonRespect the constness of caseproto.
2009-07-19 John DarringtonCorrected spelling of "consolidate".
2009-07-19 John DarringtonAdded the '=' to the plot subcommand's documentation.
2009-07-18 John DarringtonAvoid compiler warning
2009-07-18 John DarringtonMerge commit 'origin/data-encoding'
2009-07-18 John DarringtonAdd comment explaining the meaning of encoding to data_out
2009-07-18 John DarringtonThe length of the string is now not always the
2009-07-18 John DarringtonImprove code to trim leading spaces from numeric output.
2009-07-18 John DarringtonUse data_out_pool in crosstabs.q
2009-07-18 John DarringtonBefore recoding a variable's name, check that it
2009-07-17 Jason Stoverpspp_linreg(): Use cache->n_coeffs to set the dimension...
2009-07-17 John DarringtonEnsure correct behaviour when the state var is missing.
2009-07-17 John DarringtonUpdate documentation regarding missing values.
2009-07-17 John DarringtonFix ROC behaviour in the presence of missing values.
2009-07-17 John DarringtonCorrected typos in the perl documentation
2009-07-17 Ben Pfaffi18n: Merge translatable strings.
2009-07-17 Ben Pfaff"Sig." is an abbreviation, "Exact" is not.
2009-07-17 Ben Pfaffi18n: Eliminate some translatable strings.
2009-07-17 Ben Pfaffi18n: Reduce translatable strings in SHOW command.
2009-07-17 Ben Pfaffi18n: Change some strings to reduce work of translation.
2009-07-16 Ben PfaffSeparate table functions that format their arguments...
2009-07-16 Ben PfaffConsistently capitalize the name "Gnumeric".
2009-07-15 John DarringtonFixed bug reporting the significance of paired value...
2009-07-15 John DarringtonNew function prepare_cutpoints
2009-07-15 John DarringtonUpdated the example with an easier to visualise one
2009-07-14 John DarringtonReplaced the glade definition of about dialog with...
2009-07-14 John DarringtonRemoved unused function prototypes
2009-07-13 John DarringtonFix crash in find dialog and make code less horrible.
2009-07-13 John DarringtonFix bug encodig missing value keys in gui
2009-07-12 John DarringtonFix crash on text import dialog
2009-07-12 Jason StoverRemove write-only variable from interaction_case_data.
2009-07-12 John DarringtonFix compiler warning in test program
2009-07-12 John DarringtonUpdated the developers' manual to reflect the new situation
2009-07-12 John DarringtonAdded a dict parameter to data_in and dealt with the...
2009-07-11 Jason StoverReturn 0.0 for mean of a categorical variable. Fixes...
2009-07-08 John DarringtonRemove recoding in data_store.
2009-07-07 John DarringtonChange union value type to contain uint8_t types instea...
2009-07-07 John DarringtonRemove erroneously commited diagnostic statement
2009-07-07 John DarringtonUse default encoding when reading system files if no...
2009-07-07 John DarringtonFix problem running the perl module
2009-07-07 John DarringtonReplace legacy_recode with recode_string.
2009-07-07 John DarringtonFix compile warnings
2009-07-07 John DarringtonFix bug in value labels dialog box
2009-07-07 John DarringtonAdd dictionary argument to tab_value.
2009-07-06 John DarringtonRecode strings when writing system files.
2009-07-06 John DarringtonFix crash when opening empty dataset
2009-07-06 John DarringtonConvert to utf8 in data_out function.
2009-07-06 John Darringtondata_out function to dynamically allocate return value.
2009-07-05 John DarringtonChange enum legacy_encoding to const char *.