2022-03-15 Ben PfaffNew template files for doing flatpak builds. build
2022-03-13 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: New option --no-perl.
2020-12-01 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Fix documentation build.
2020-10-25 Ben Pfaffmingw build works
2020-10-25 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Update for more parallelism and updated...
2020-09-05 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Also run check in parallel.
2020-09-05 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Use $(nproc) instead of fixed 10 processes.
2020-07-05 Ben PfaffIgnore spread-sheet-widget tarballs and signatures.
2020-07-05 Ben PfaffConvert build-pspp to Python 3.
2020-07-04 Ben PfaffUse spread-sheet-widget 0.4.
2020-06-27 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Update for spread-sheet-widget 0.3.
2017-09-17 Ben Pfaffresults2html: Declare character encoding for index...
2017-09-17 Ben PfaffFixes for building spread-sheet-widget as part of the...
2014-02-13 Ben Pfaffresults2html: Add SHA-1 and SHA-256 to .tar.gz build...
2013-01-11 Ben PfaffUpdate gendocs templates from gnulib.
2013-01-11 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Do parallel build.
2013-01-11 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Use -I flag to newer to copy...
2013-01-11 Ben Update from gnulib.
2011-02-25 Ben Pfaffresults2html: Properly encode output in UTF-8.
2010-03-26 Ben PfaffAdd dist_dir to output variables.
2010-03-26 Ben Pfaffbuild-pspp: Use ^0 to really verify commit number.
2010-02-19 Ben Pfaffput gitweb links into diagnostics
2010-02-18 Ben PfaffLook for pspp.pot in both build and source directories.
2010-02-18 Ben Pfaffremove $build_number from name of directory for buildin...
2010-02-18 Ben Pfaffsave distributed files to Git when we build binary...
2010-02-18 Ben Pfaffsave POT file as build product
2010-02-18 Ben Pfaffwork on pointing error messages to source files
2010-02-17 Ben PfaffWork on not forcing build-pspp to be invoked from its...
2010-02-17 Ben Pfaffworking version that produced 20100217084144
2010-02-17 Ben Pfaffuse refs/builds instead of refs/heads
2010-02-17 Ben Pfaffstart work on git-import-tar
2010-02-17 Ben Pfaffwork on output formatting
2010-02-17 Ben Pfaffadd build products list
2010-02-16 Ben Pfaffadd build properties
2010-02-16 Ben PfaffAdd utility for HTML results.
2010-02-16 Ben PfaffWorks OK. Add --batch
2010-02-15 Ben Pfaffget it working pretty well
2010-02-15 Ben PfaffImprove build
2010-02-13 Ben PfaffGet it into working order.
2010-02-09 Ben Pfaffwork on autobuild system
2010-02-09 Ben Pfaffdo full build, install, check, etc.
2010-02-08 Ben Pfaffextract gnulib commit number too
2010-02-08 Ben PfaffStart working on PSPP build script. build