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2018-03-31 Farshad Ghaneitimer: Fix timer calibration logic. master
2018-03-28 John OusterhoutFix problems compiling documentation
2018-02-15 Farshad Ghaneidoc: Fix typo.
2017-10-29 Darshit ShahOn newer systems -ltinfo needs to be explicitly added...
2017-10-29 Darshit ShahModify the linker script to match the generated binary
2016-04-26 Ben Pfaffdoc: Use texi2pdf instead of pdftex.
2016-02-09 Ben Pfaffpintos: Avoid apparent name collision in definition...
2016-02-09 Ben Pfaffpintos: Avoid literal control character in Perl variabl...
2016-02-09 Ben Pfaffpintos: Fix undefined value warning from Perl on read...
2015-12-18 John OusterhoutClarified wording in design question A2 for vm jopreview
2015-12-18 John OusterhoutMake docs compile again
2015-12-17 John OusterhoutUpdates for new version of qemu
2015-12-17 John OusterhoutFsutil_ls must close the directory after reading it
2015-12-17 John OusterhoutPatches to make Bochs 2.6.2 work with Pintos
2015-12-17 John OusterhoutFixes exec-bound-3 failures
2015-12-17 John OusterhoutFixed typo in docs Section (0x08084000 => 0x080...
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